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November 9, 2009


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“Folks gather round to hear what I’ve got to say. Come see what I have here today. Are you lonely, scared or tired? Are you frustrated, bound up and wired? Does life lack that zing? Well then I got just the thing… You say you want to be more attractive, well loved and more active? In this here little pill is everything you’ll need to fulfill a fruitful life. You’ll be able to work happy and satisfy the wife. Never tire, never worry, never panic and never hurry never prune up and wrinkle and yet retain that youthful glow… Pop one pill and watch yourself grow. Grow when you’re not moved, enticed or aroused, amorous, romantic and how? How you ask is it possible to stimulate the blood, motivate the mind, open up your pores and bring sight to the blind? It’s easier to try then for me to say, I offer you a sample for you to try today.”
“You say you’re too fat, too skinny, too tall or too mini. Your boring, breath smells and your feet are itchy, you’re too poor, too stressed and the missus is bitchie. Your muscles small, stomach flabby, teeth crooked and the kids are crabby. Slow mind, slow witted, complexion ruddy, puss filled and pitted. You lack zest, vitality and spunk, watched your waist grow as your pants shrunk. Graying falling, thinning hair grows on your ass, your back and in your ears. Your eyes have trouble seeing, your mind has trouble with memory, its difficult peeing and this is why you’ve sent for me. To be happy, to be glad, to be strong and not sad. To be faster, to be wise, to look fit and eat fries, to learn a language without trying, to act concerned without crying. Stop the aging, lines and sagging, warts and moles and things you’re lacking. You say you hear voices in your head yet nobody hears what is said. You desire little boys and little girls or German men with blond curls. Preoccupied with filth and smut and prone to stick little articles in your butt. A need for women’s undergarments made of lace and desire to spew on someone else’s face. Find it runs counter to the 23rd Psalm, a sweaty crack, arm pits and palm. Find you manufacture zits, ear wax and snots, smelly privates and bloody clots. You fear a change of pace, afraid to move and breathe and taste. You eat poorly, wheeze and feel pain a little jealousy and disdain. You lack the vision, verve and drive and are coming apart inside. One little pill can change your life.”
“For most this product works and I say for most this product is successful. If you feel dizzy, clumsy or drowsy, light headed trembling or weak. If your urine turns dark yellow, hard to breathe, swallow, concentrate or think or haven’t slept in a week… You may want to stop taking… If you find yourself waking, if you get a rash, itchy or act brash. Personality disorientation, mood swings or constipation, fainting, falling or hallucinations, a painful erection, red complexion, restlessness or irritation. Tightness in the chest, sensitive teeth, eyes or breasts. Ringing in your ears, runny nose or constant tears. Please don’t drive around in cars, smoke, snort, inject and visit bars. For any signs of adversity, complexity or deformity, lack of interest, sleep or conformity please consult a doctor of psychiatry before convalescing, resting or infirmary… Now here’s what you need to order

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