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October 20, 2010


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Joe Doe… The Republican candidate…  Joe is tough on crime…  He wants to issue automatic weapons to everyone with a driver’s license for our protection.  Who needs to hunt with an M-16?  Hunt Bambi with a machine gun?  Joe Doe says it is every American’s inalienable right and that giving everyone guns is the answer to crime.  Line each other up with an infrared scope?  Don’t be caught up in the cross hairs of a thoughtless, selfish agenda.  Stealing from the poor to give to the rich.  Smaller government? Joe Doe talks about sexually transmitted diseases, sexual orientation and sex education… Sex? Look at the list of banks that Joe Doe has been in bed with.  Joe Doe is in favor of cutting back on education, relief for those out of work, substance abuse programs.  Joe Doe would like to lower tariffs so that cheap foreign products continue to flood our markets.  Leaded toothpaste from China for your kids?  A vote for Joe Doe is a vote against the common man and common sense.  Want another war? Maybe in Iran?  Joe Doe believes that we are doing quote, “The Lord’s work” in Afghanistan.  Do you want your children to believe that the world was created just a few thousand years ago?  That man was tempted by women?  That a snake was the cause of this all?  We’re not biting your apples, Joe…  Why does Joe drive a foreign car but yet rallies for American Auto Workers? Why does he own land on foreign soil if he loves this land so much?  Why would he allow drilling in Alaska, Nebraska and anywhere that oil could be found?  BP would be his VP…  Vote no on Joe…  When it comes to Joe, just say no.

Carmena Bonita- The Democratic candidate- Carmena Bonita?  Muy bonita.  There is the unanswered question about where she is born.  Donde Carmina?  Think we have too many undocumented aliens now?  Just wait until Carmena opens the borders to anyone and everyone trying to quote, “Just make a living”.  Your future, your savings, your tax dollars going to help those that are sapping our country’s vigor, vitality and spunk.  Carmina- we’re not buying your junk.

 Want your kids to know that besides mommy and daddy, there can be a mommy and a mommy or a daddy and a daddy?  Want your children to be issued colored, flavored condoms in the classrooms?  Don’t ask, we’ll tell… Birth control?  Perform fellatio.  Want to be further taxed so that those unwilling to carry their own weight can remain comfortable?  Didn’t think so…  Carmena is in favor of raising tariffs on everything so that we start a world wide trade war that will plunge us further into a greater and longer lasting recession.  Carmena Bonita would like to open the gates, ban god and allow your teenage daughters to have abortions as if it were a pedicure…  Oh and speaking of feet, Carmena wants you to foot the bill…  No esta aqui, Carmina.  America for Americans…  Real Americans.

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