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May 30, 2011

Money from Nigeria

Dear Friend,
Please accept my apology for not contacting you earlier before now due to
my tight schedules. I am very happy to inform you about my success in
getting that money under the cooperation of a new partner from Paraguay;
Presently I'm in London with the partners for some new projects with the
Contact my Priest in Lagos state, federal Republic of Nigeria, because I
have left the instruction with him on your behalf and instructed him where
to send the $5,000,000.00. without any further delay for your
Remember that the $5,000,000.00. Is in draft, not cash, so you need to
send to him you’re full Information where the draft/check will be
posted/delivered. I appreciated your efforts at that time very much so
feel free to get in touched with him.
As at the time I was leaving Nigeria he was the only one I could trust
with that kind of money, he is a very simple and understanding person. His
name is Rev. Father. Tom Chukwu of ,Email( )
So feel free to get in touch with him and discuss with him how the amount
will reach you. Please do let me know immediately you contact him to
receive it, so that we can share the joy after all the suffering at that
As at the moment, I am very busy here because of the projects which I and
the new partner have at hand. Finally, remember that I had forwarded
instruction to the priest on your behalf to receive that money, so you get
in touch with him and he will send the amount to you without any delay.
Here is his email address again ( )

Dear Kenneth,

                         I’m not sure how you found me other than I had given money to the Slayten boy who had gone to Africa to be a missionary.  From what I understand, he is working with Africans who only speak Portuguese.  The country escapes me at this point and since my wife has passed, I don’t save Christmas cards like she did.  I gave the Slayten boy a few hundred a year for years and that helps to keep Uncle Sam off my back if you know what I mean.

I had a chance to actually speak with Father Tom and I told him it was against my nature to get involved with Catholic Charities since I am a Baptist.  When I found out that he is Anglican, I Googled that and found that you’re all basically Episcopal and that isn’t so bad.  Many of our presidents until this current Muslim one, have mostly been Episcopal.  Nixon was a Quaker gone wrong.  It is hard to say what happened to the man but he did seem to have fallen from the grace of god.

Well without rambling too much, I discussed giving a fair chunk to Father Tom to help start a library right there in Nigeria for some lads he’s looking after in Lagos.  I agreed to skim $10,000.00 off the top and although I will get no credit for this from the American government, I think it’s a worthy cause.  I am getting my passport in order to actually collect the check in person from father Tom.  He has promised to show me around while I’m there.  I jokingly said that I didn’t want to end up in a hot pot and have to scream for help from Tarzan.  He assured me that I would not leave disappointed.  I was quite impressed with his command of the English language and then came to find out that that you were all once colonized by the British.  The British certainly did a good job taking your people from the bush and educating them.  Father Tom sounded just like a Brit. I told him not to feel badly since America was once colonized by the British too.  My people came from Belgium and spoke Flemish and a touch of French.  I can’t speak a lick of either and probably owe that to the British.  Seems like the whole world speaks English these days.

In any event, Father Tom said that you might be available when I arrive in Nigeria and that we should all share a Belgian beer and celebrate in the joy of sharing money bestowed upon us all by the lord.  I say amen to that and I’ll have two beers.  Thanks again and I look forward to meeting you after your trip toParaguay.


Jim DeJonge

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