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April 19, 2012

I Feared For My Life

When I met Sylvia back in the late nineties, it was in a hotel suite where other men stood around in Speedo swim trunks, waiting for their turn to writhe around on a rubber sheet, covered in extra virgin olive oil.

Sylvia was in perfect shape without a hint of fat on her body.  She emerged from the bedroom with rippling muscles and a healthy tan.  I paid my $100.00 to have my fifteen minutes on the mat while other men stood by for their turn and watched.  Yes, it is rather a bizarre fetish but most men have some sort of thing where they wear women’s underwear or like things shoved in their ass.  Mine is that I enjoy wrestling with women who are in perfect shape.

I offered to take Sylvia to dinner while she was in town.  We went to a sushi place and she ate eel and other seafood without the rice.  We drank some Japanese beer and went back to her hotel room and had the best sex of my life.  Everyday was better than the next.  Sylvia told me she loved me and wanted to be with me everyday of her life.  Sylvia suggested marriage and so we were married.

At first Sylvia forced a new diet on me that consisted of high protein and low fat.  I was forced to work out at least an hour a day.  Sylvia said that she did not want to be repulsed by a man who had bigger tits than her.  Sylvia’s breast actually became dome shaped, her chin became sharp and her voice got lower.  She went from 150 lbs on a 5’ 8 frame to nearly 200lbs.  All solid muscle.  Sylvia worked out six hours a day and then did hotel wrestling and porn so that she could make enough money to just work out and enter competitions.  Initially I was told that my friends were stupid and my family was holding me back and after several months she gave me a job squeezing fat out of ground beef for her lunches.  At lunch she would tell me what a big penis her ex-boyfriend had and how the guy could go all night.  She would talk about his muscles and how tough he was.  I finally had enough and said to her, “why don’t you go back to him?”  Later that day I was in the hospital with a broken arm.  Sylvia paid cash and told the doctor I was just very clumsy.  In the car on the way home, she looked at me with eyes that could kill and told me to not get smart again unless I really want to get hurt.

I never thought of myself as a wimp or a bitch but I truly was intimidated and afraid for my life living with a woman with Roid Rage.  The final straw was when we were discussing the legitimacy of wrestling.  Not the Olympic type but the kind where people get hit with chairs and forearms.  I made the mistake of saying it was phony.  She went to the bedroom, got a revolver that I didn’t know she had.  She pinned my on the ground and put the barrel of the gun in my mouth and told me to repeat what I said.  She then pistol whipped me and took me to the hospital.  Sylvia cried like a concerned wife and told the people in the emergency room that gangbangers in the park had attacked us.  Through her fake tears, she gritted her teeth and took her index finger and ran it across her throat as a way of reminding to keep my mouth shut.  I was admitted into the hospital after they suspected that I had internal bleeding in my head.  I was able to sneak into a service elevator and get away.  I’ve been in hiding now for a little over a month.  I want to thank The Life of Men for allowing me to share this story.  I now know after finding a discussion group for battered husbands that I am not alone.  I would not want this same thing to happen to any other man and yet I heard that Sylvia recently caused a man in Boston to have to get emergency surgery to remove a vegetable from his anus.  There are warning signs.  Abusers can be charming and loving as they can be jealous and violent.  I hope my story can help other men to realize that they are not alone.

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