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February 12, 2013


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Have the audacity to hope that the cross hairs of the scope don’t shear the last fibers of that rope we cling to, we sing to because America has talent as it does empathy, knowledge and understanding that only a supernova can save us from global warming and ocean front property coming to Pittsburgh.


Preservatives additives and a laxative that helps us relax a bit from the chaos of the protestant work ethic, cut throat, only the strong survive, origin of species, mercury in our feces, survival of the fittest, standard bearer of the free world which all hope to emulate in their quest for freedom, wisdom and saturated fats while we kill to help free hearts and minds of people in a land that looks like Mars.


Iran and Iraq- Iraq-an the future looks grim.  What did we win?  Deposing the only tamers capable of keeping order in a land made of sand with dinosaur gold deep within made to fuel the new V-8 with televisions on the back of every headrests that cause our minds never to rest from the extra-sensory emissions of embedded code words that subliminally make us the great consumers that we are.


I had my right hand over my heart from the start before the super bowl while the meter runs on this super hole of money thrown into a black hole that builds and builds until it sucks everything in, explodes and creates that supernova- a brilliant ending that can be viewed from a far.

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