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December 30, 2014

Random Stuff to End The Year

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We are 15 years from Y2K. There are kids about to drive that never lived prior to 2000.

When someone says, “with all due respect”, they’re an asshole that is politely telling you that you’re an asshole.

If you shoot and kill your relative who unexpectedly enters your home, that is collateral damage… You know- friendly fire.

If nothing was said prior to beginning a statement, don’t start a sentence with “so”.

When an elected official tells you to be patient, what they mean is that they want you to get distracted and forget about the problem. Example- Iran is damn near close to having a nuclear weapon- let’s be patient and let sanctions send a message that we are seeking common ground with reasonable people who believe the Holocaust never happened- Meanwhile back at the ranch-White cops killing black men, protests, gas prices drop, Ebola, no Ebola, North Korea leader talking crazy and voila- important shit is buried. Just be patient.


I vote for just a simple “Hello” in 2015. What’s up, wad-up, how are you, how have you been, what’s new? Nobody wants to really know so why ask?

Election commercials are due just about any time beginning in 2015. Hillary will continue to ruin the country. Mitt has no idea what 99% of Americans are doing. Be red. Be Blue. This is America where you can choose whatever you want. As long is it is Democrat or Republican.

Is Isis-Isil like Kaddafi/Gaddafi, Beijing/Peking? It’s important to use the correct acronym when trying to describe those that are extreme for extremists.

Have a Happy New Year. Keep hope alive that this next year will be better than the last. You’ll be richer, thinner, happier and vacation more, worry less and take the time to enjoy this thing they call life.

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