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May 17, 2020

Morbid Absurdity

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Cherubs on their scooters drive towards each other down the aisle
with their squires following behind.  Grocery carts stacked to supply
a partially hydrogenated life designed to upset the balance between
the good and bad, the lows and the high fructose new normal as we hide
behind science of this morbid absurdity

Contact trace back to when this was temporary and masks were not
necessary and all we needed was to flatten a curve.  Ventilators,
state commentators in plain English or sign language while we languish
forced virtually watching the next human interest story of death
Shelter in place; cover you face because we’re all in the together

Non-essential potential to receive the PPP
The bar or coiffure who is unsure if it’s time to claim bankruptcy.
Trillions and trillions given to the minions and it might be better if
they never work again.  Safety, science absolute compliance trumps the
bill of rights.

61 days and 61 nights well fed, well rested and wholly invested in the
next series on Netflix
Existing not living like Anne Frank until we find a cure and we’re
unsure if life will ever return again.

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