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The Texture Of Apples And Pears

During a warm, sunny day in Chicago in 2008, The White Sox played the Cubs. During that same day, there was an FBI sting, a fire, a man exposed of infidelity, another man exposed of infidelity, a car accident and Stepford wife who engages in a three some with a Jazz saxophone player and the gypsy Voodoo priestess, martini maker, who explains the need for freedom from life and the difference between the texture of apples and pears. At the same time, the price of gas was $4.10 a gallon, a million homes were in foreclosure, banks were failing or being bought by foreign investors, the national debt was at $93,000,000,000 or $36,000.00 for every legal and illegal inhabitant of the United States. China was getting ready for the olympics and polar bears and innocent people in Darfur were dying in large numbers while the American League was playing the National League in major cities across the United States. All of this took place on one sunny day in Chicago, Illinois.

What Would You Really Say, America?

9 short stories and 1 poem about the American experience.
If your erection lasts more than 4 hours, call your friends.

Works coming soon…

Living At The Speed of Life (novel)

Look Away, Dixieland (novel)

#1 in the #2 Business (short stories)

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