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Category: Blackhumourist

Literature Stew, Word Salad, ~Dark Humor, Dark Humour, ~Black Humor, Black Humour, ~The Human Condition, Human comedy, Human tragedy, relationships, race, infidelity, cheating, ~cross-culture, lovers, players, haters

Category: Really big ideas

~Comparative literature, ~American literature, ~American fiction, American ~poetry, ~Chicago, ~Detroit, ~Canada, North Side, South Side, Black, White, Mexican, ~Race Relations, ~Literature about mixed race couples, ~literature about race relations, ~literature about cross cultural relationships, ~cultural filters, Chicago race relations, blacks in Chicago, ~Chicago authors, ~Chicago independent authors, ~Chicago independent publishers, ~Publisher’s row

Category: The Texture of Apples and Pears
Cross town classic, cross-town classic, sox vs cubs, cubs vs sox, martini bar, gypsy voodoo martini maker priestess, landlord, property manager, corruption, racism, racist,
Chrysler, GM, Detroit, Automobile Executives, hospital, Cook County Jail, Chinese Olympics, Polar Bears, Iraq, Afghanistan, Darfur,

Category: Small Mediums at Large
2001 Hummer, movie star, bonnie and clyde, Cuba, Castro, Nixon mask, 1976, Der Weinerschnitzle, Girls Hockey, Tryouts, Class Reunion, Class of 1984, E pluribus Unum, Barrack Obama  acceptance speech , Grant Park Chicago,

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