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July 30, 2009

Disney Still On Ice

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Disney still on ice

June 26, 2009, Anaheim, California 9:12 PM PST. Under the Pirates of the Caribbean.

“Mr. Disney? Mr. Disney?”

Walt looked up at the bright lights above his head and could not see anything but really bright light. Walt wasn’t sure if he was dreaming or if he was truly passing through the tunnel to the other side as they say.

“The lights are very bright and the temperature is close to 100 degrees in here to help bring your body temperature to where it should be, ” said Dr. Smith, with a soft baritone voice that was soothing to Walt.

Walt disney was led into a dark room where a film projector cast light on dust floating around in the air. The film began and standing off to the right of the screen under an amber light was short man in a suit by the name of David Gold.

“On behalf of all of us here at Disney, we would like to welcome you back, sir. My name is David Gold and I am the designated facilitator. My job since coming to Disney, has been preparing for the day when we would bring you back…”

Walt sat in a recliner and sipped hot tea. With the room temperature nearly 100 degrees and a layers of clothes and blankets, Walt was still fairly cold. The green tea with rose hips was helping.

“We, well… I… Well you see, sir… There has been a terrible mistake made, sort of a failure of sorts, if you will…” said David.
“How terrible?” Asked walt.
“Well there was an earthquake near Bakersfield and that in itself is not a problem… What is a problem is that we had a small tremor nearby that killed power and security did not alert us to the fact that the back up generators that were in place to ensure you would be frozen at all times… Well they failed, ” said David.
“So a small earthquake caused a power failure, the back up generator failed and the security guard failed to catch on that I was thawing? Is this where you’re going?” Asked Walt.
“Well yes… And we are very sorry and are making every effort to make you as comfortable as possible until we can refreeze you, ” said David.
“Well I might like to take a few days and see what changes have taken place in the last… How many years?” Asked Walt.
“Roughly forty three years, sir… We have prepared a film to show you the things that have taken place since 1966, ” said David.
“You’re going to fill me in on forty three years in how many minutes?”
“Roughly thirty minutes…”
“Seems as though everything is rather… Rough, isn’t it?” Asked Walt jokingly.

Walt Disney watched bombs fall in Vietnam, Hippies dance to the song, Revolution by the Beatles. He saw Richard Nixon bowling and shaking hands with Elvis and killings ordered by Pol Pot. Walt watched gas lines, the Iran hostages, Ronald Reagan getting shot, Ronald Reagan shaking hands with Gorbachev and the Berlin wall falling. Walt then saw Operation Desert Storm with burning oil fields in Kuwait that left the day time sky like night. He watched highlights from 9-11 and the inauguration of Barrack Obama. Walt saw men on the moon, computers, cell phones, rockets and so forth. He then watched a scroll of Disney holdings that seemed to go forever. When that was over, David then turned on lights. Dr. Smith and a few others in white smocks, stood quietly observing Walt Disney. Walt began to peel off layers of clothes and asked that the room be room temperature again. Walt stood up to stretch his stiff back and legs.

“So what’s the deal with cancer? Do we have a cure yet?” Asked Walt, while bending down to try and touch his toes.

“No sir… Science has made great leaps but no cure as of yet.” Said Dr. Smith.
“Okay… So I’m here… You people allowed me to be defrosted. No cure for cancer but you can land planes with little hand held computers and all… Hold a press conference and let the world know that Walt Disney is no longer on ice.” Said Walt.
“There could be an infringement with the Disney on Ice… We have to be careful how we’d word this because Disney on Ice is a company that has figure skaters act out Disney stories. It could be confusing to those who hold tickets for Disney on Ice and if they cancel then we could have a lawsuit on our hands… You understand, sir?” Asked David.

Walt shrugged and wiped sweat from his brow. He finished the tea, set down the cup and stared back at those staring at him.

“I would say that we just go ahead and parade you around for publicity to show the world that cyrogenics does work after all. You’re living proof, ” said David.
“But… I feel a but coming, son, ” said Walt.
“Well the economy is tanking, GM and Chrysler are in bankruptcy. North Koreans are getting ready to send a rocket over Hawaii for the Forth of July… Then there were a slew of famous people that became famous after you died, that have died today, that are now being covered by the press constantly. One was a famous pop singer, the other an actress with Anus cancer and then Ed Mc Mahon…”
“You mean… Here’s Johnny? That Ed Mc Mahon?”
“Yes sir…” said David, with folded arms.
“Anus cancer! Is that possible? Well at any rate, the republic is falling apart and famous people all died to day. You people goof up and thaw me out and you don’t think it would be wise to show me around a bit?”
“It could be really bad for our stock right now, sir… I think you can understand that…” Said David.
“Well… Okay… You get the power up and the crew in white here to put me on ice again?”
“Yes sir… Just until we can find a cure for cancer. When that comes, you’ll be front page news. We’ll thaw you out again quicker than you could say Jack Robinson. We’ll get that cancer taken care of so you can live a long and happy life… That is unless you have heart disease. That may shorten things up a bit…”
“Well son…” said Walt while trying to get the last few drops out of his Mickey Mouse mug. “We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it, won’t we?”
“Certainly, sir…”

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