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July 30, 2009

Tacos 69 Cents

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Tacos 69 cents
She had blond hair and a carefree attitude and a sense of humour that would intimidate most guys. She had a very pretty smile and seemed at ease with her friends on a girls night out listening to white guys, playing black music. Most of them well past the age of trying to be rock stars. They play music because it’s what they do to remind them of what they’ve always done since the age when it was natural.

She asked the guy with a Manchester United jersey if he was a soccer player. He responded like a guy who was hoping that coming up short, would still be impressive.

“I played for the Flint Dilweeds in the Michigan also ran league which was semi-pro. I had a head injury which forced me to be an English teacher in a junior college in Wayne County, Michigan… Yup, one little play kept me from greatness,” said the keyboard player of an all white Reggae band from Detroit where the population is 90% black.

The blond woman responded in a way that was so emasculating and amusingly cruel all at the same time.

“That is so cool. Do you want to go in the parking lot and fuck?”

The Semi-pro English teaching Reggae musician who only uses minor chords in all his songs nervously scratched his arm and responded.

“I can’t. I’m married…”

With that he walked away. It was at that moment that the other man, a listener, knew that the blond woman with a pretty smile who appeared to be20happy and confident, understood how to walk through den of lions and never fear their capabilities. The lions were fearful of the whip. The whip was nothing more than a quick wit and sharp tongue… The man was impressed. A jaded, sarcastic individual who prided himself on using words to entertain mostly himself, was highly impressed. It was more attractive than any physical attributes that would draw any man to a woman. The man wanted to continue to talk to her. She was the most interesting person he had met in quite sometime and her smile only made it all more inviting… The crescendo? Tacos at 4am. Nothing more nothing less.

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